Kosmea Products- For All Your Skin Care Needs

Just like any other organ in the body, the skin is very unique. For it to effectively perform its various functions, it has special characteristics. For example, there are parts of the body where the skin is tough and hard while there are other parts where the skin is smooth and sensitive.

Such contrasting characteristics require that you handle the skin on the different parts of the body with the care and attention they deserve. Kosmea has a wide range of products to suit the needs of your skin on different parts of the body. However, a general understanding of how the skin is composed will help you take wise steps to keep your skin in good condition.

Skin Structure

Generally, the skin is made up of three layers. The layer at the top is called the epidermis. It keeps out bacteria and also acts as a protective barrier against the harsh elements in the environment.

The second layer of the skin is the dermis. This is the layer that contains the living systems that supply the epidermis with all that it needs to perform its functions. For instance, the nerve endings, blood vessels and sweat glands among others, are found in this layer. Below the dermis is the fat layer, which basically insulates the body and thus helps in regulating the body temperature.

Varying Skin Characteristics

While all skin on the body has the three layers you have read about, it is not uniform. Each part of the body requires the skin that covers them to be specifically adapted to the function of that part. For example the soles of the skin need to be tough so that they can cover the feet while walking. That way, they will not be hurting every time you walk. Another example is the eyelids. Since they cover the eyes, they need to be soft enough to allow them to open and close easily.

Facial Skin

Of all the skin on the body, facial skin is usually the most exposed to the elements. If it is sunny, the face will experience the heat, and likewise when it is cold. The face also determines your appearance and specialists can tell how your health is when they look at your face.

Your face needs to be given specialized care that will help to protect it against the harmful rays of the sun. Since it is also thin, it also requires products that will not irritate or aggravate it. When you use organic products, you protect your face from unnecessary chemicals. Kosmea Daily Facial Exfoliant can give your face the specialized care that it needs.


The hands are also very specialized for its functions. A casual look at the palms and the back of the hand will make you notice the vast differences between them. Most of the hard work is done using the palms. The skin on palms is thicker but it needs to be revitalized against the harsh chemicals found in detergents.

Hand creams work well to keep your palms in good condition. Kosmea Rose Hand Cream contains rosehip oil which is a natural ingredient that will help to keep your hands well oiled even after doing your washing.

Rosehip oil also has medicinal properties which will ensure that your hands are rejuvenated to good health. You can also get lip care and eye care products from Kosmea and ensure that the skin all over your body is in good condition.